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Isadora trains war horses for the Alliance
until she steals a stallion to save his life.
Hunted by government troopers and rogue
berserkers she befriends a mute man who
seems crazy. Yet he holds the key to the
survival of the last free living people, a tribe
of nomadic horse herders. John must use
the Mirror to regain his speech, Is might be
the only one who can help him survive that

Lisa Maxwell has been teaching riding for over thirty years.  Her      
background in hunters, jumpers and eventing gives depth to her dressage

Her teaching style is thoughtful and considerate, infused with humor and
always guided by a deep love of horses.  

She also draws on twenty years of Aikido training to help her students find a
centered position and calm mental attitude.  

Her goal is to make this style of riding available to others who are seeking a
lighter less forceful way to ride.

Lisa gives heartfelt thanks to a number of great horsemen and women
  •  Lou Ragonetti,
  •  Students of Ray Hunt and Tom and Bill Dorrence,
  •  Jean-Claude Racinet

Lisa is also a writer of science fiction novels and a Nidan (second degree
black belt) in Aikido.

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"Well, all I can say is that it exceeded
my dreams . I felt instantly at home , I
loved the way Lisa teaches , what she
is teaching and the fact that she was
prepared to put so  much energy into
ensuring that I 'got the message' not
only with my head but with my body too
I loved the way she has incorporated
the natural horsemanship into the
training so that you can move through
the levels of working with your horse
from the paddock,  through to the
moment when you start to ask for
connection and collection from the
ground , right through to sitting up
there asking for the most particular
and gymnastic work you can.  I just
loved her way with the horses as well
as her way with her human students
too!  patience kindness
understanding   .. just worked
wonders   :  )
The detail, the consideration for the
horse, the simplicity of the technique
and so the ease with which we
advanced made it a great learning
AND what is more when I came home
and started to apply what I had learnt ..
I couldnt believe how responsive my
horses were to this method.. it was so
exciting. "
S. Ballard
New Zealand

After attending Lisa Maxwell’s clinic for
three days,   I think that Lisa truly
reflects the spirit of Mr. Racinet’s
training theory and techniques.   I
never really understood the true
meaning of collection, until  Lisa
clarified this for me as I worked with
her trained schooling horses and my
own horse.  She is patient and
generous with her time in teaching
students and horses as I imagine Mr.
Racinet was, also.    I have been able
to continue the training at home and
see positive progress in my horse.   
The techniques enable me, as an
amateur classical rider, to make
progress on my own between
attending clinics.    I noticed that Mr.
Racinet’s  training style, as taught by
Lisa,  is also self-correcting for horse
and rider,  so I am now riding more
constructively than ever before.   As  
Mr. Racinet said, “The horse is always
right,”   I am learning to more skillfully
observe and listen to my mare.   No
wonder she seems so pleased with my
riding and her performance!!
Lois - Atlanta, GA
More Testimonials
From Students at Lisa's Clinics

"Many, many thanks to Lisa for her clear, calm and focused way of
sharing her passion for horses with us.  I saw big changes in all the
horses, and their people, in just two days."

"I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have you here and to work with
you and my horses.    Some really eye opening stuff, inspirational on
many levels.  Thanks for having such a great program to share."
S.C. Silver City, NM

"Want to thank you again for the GREAT clinic.  We had 100% positive
response!  Everyone agreed with your philosophy and loved the
material/info presented.  Also loved your positive attitude, focus,
kindness, ability to make everyone feel successful etc etc.  I expect
everyone to want to ride again next time plus a few more of the people
who audited."
S.H. Salvisa, Ky

This summer has been the experience of my life . . . Your hospitality
has been overwhelming and so, so appreciated.  You are a very classy
woman and definitely a role model of mine.  I hope to keep in touch
frequently and maybe even come back next summer.  This has truly
given me direction in not only my riding but my life as well.  You have
been a wonderful instructor as well as confidante and friend.  You are
so lighthearted and a joy to learn from.  I really do feel blessed to get to
know you as a person and work with you.  Thank you so much for
everything you have done for me this summer.
Kansas State University